Seamless Reversible Felt Black Jacket embellished colorful motifs


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Seamless Reversible Felt Black wool Jacket embellished colorful motifs, handmade warm jacket for a woman. On the other side is a white embellished motif. The seamless technique ensures that the closing of the jacket is adjustable with a bottom shaped brooch.
This reversible warm winter jacket, coat, was made of Australian merino wool. The wool roving comes from Germany of very high quality. I made with wet felted technique. I work with the natural material and use water and soap.
All design is one of a kind completely handmade in a smoke-free environment. The material is extra fine Austral Merino wool. It’s embellished wool yarns, Tees-water lock, and silk fabric.
I recommend wearing in three seasons. The wool is warm and in white is organic and elegant.
By wearing a design by me, you will make a statement to those
around you and likely find yourself celebrating your own originality. These
art pieces will make you stand out from the crowd that can be interpreted
as elegant, classy, or pure fun. Clothing by a brooch which looks like a button. You can adjust the closing according to your demand. This type of wool felted jacket is uniquely designed because is rare to find a reversible type of coat with two different motifs. Basically, you buy two jackets for one price.
I am excited to offer these wearable art designs to you. Thank you for
your time to view my selection.
Material: Australian merino wool, wool yarn, Tees water lock
Care instructions:
Easy to care. For better result and long lasting quality of the garment; hand wash uses cold water and hair shampoo. Roll in a towel, squeeze out the water. Iron while slightly damp on the wrong side at silk setting. Reshape, lay flat to dry. Don’t use tumble dry. Don’t iron.
Size, S-M usually one jacket fits two sizes. The closing is a brooch which looks like a button. It is adjustable.
Custom orders available upon request.


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