Handmade silk wool felted colorful scarf


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This handmade, turquoise, purple and colorful hobo chic scarf, a shawl is used felting technique which was combined silk and extra fine merino wool.I use soap and water for the process.The wool bond with the silk and shrink in a different way. It made a light textured, one of a kind scarf. This shawl makes a beautiful outfit for any occasion and is a fabulous accessory for an elegant event too. This scarf is lightweight, delicate organic and very natural. Each scarf that I created is an individual piece of art. Excellent gift for any occasion.This shawl is pretty to wear with jeans.This scarf is a hobo chic style.
Material: Silk, Extra fine Australian merino wool.
Care: Hand washed in cool water and gentle soap, rinse in cool water. Roll in towel and then dry flat or hang.
Dimension: 15 x 68 inches . It is an excellent gift for a woman for any occasion.

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